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Christien and Me

 We, that is my husband and I have kept marmosets and other primates for over 27 years, we have decided we would like to share our interest and information with other private keepers.
Over the years we have taken in primates for one reason or another that their owners have found that they could no longer keep their monkeys.
In most cases it from people who are moving and cannot take their monkeys with them or when the owner has died. It was because of this that we then set up a small rescue centre that runs side by side with our own and breeding program groups.  
We have also found that there has been very little information that has been made available or written for the private keepers on the subject of keeping Marmosets in captivity, so we have decided to set up this dedicated website for those living in the United Kingdom on marmosets and other primates.

Also we can now supply essential primate diet foods in much smaller quantities instead of you having to buy it in bulk, this will also help to keep your costs down as most foods do have a shelf life. (please visit our on line shop for prices etc)

If you have any questions or need any further information, help or advise about your monkeys, we would be only too pleased to try and answer all your queries, or to direct you to someone who maybe be able to help,you can phone us on 07717012684  or go to the Contact Us menu button to send us an email  Kind Regards Christine and Patrick-----

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Regards Christine

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