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Caring for Marmosets & Tamarins

To those looking for Capuchins

First of all this advice do not cover Marmosets and some Tamarins as they do not come under this category or the DWA licensing laws.

1] The UK does not have that many Capuchin keepers to begin with.

2] £3000 would not get you a Capuchin in the UK market. For a male Capuchin - Black cap you would be looking at minimum £5000 - £7000, for a female. £8.000. For a Pairs can set back buyers between £10K - £15K pending seller, age, breeding status and temperament. These are sadly the realistic figures, the 'silly prices you see placed by scammers are there to lures those who are looking and wanting a Capuchins.

3] Most people look for 'baby' Capuchins of less than 3 months of age.
There are no 'baby Capuchins' available in the UK for sale and if there were, they would not advertise them on the internet websites.

Capuchins are born with a natural coat; they do not need to be dressed up like a child in nappies and 17+ outfits, if this is what you seek - buy a doll!

4] Capuchins are DWAL (Dangerous Wild Animal Licensed) and require Public Liability insurance - do you have this, and are you willing to undertake the protocol to getting one?

This means that you must make an application to your local council to keep any primate under this licence. It means that you must approach underwriters [Insurers] who will cover you for such a species. Councils are also very strict when vetting for new DWAL applications into primates.

5] Capuchins are not household pets, they are primates and not classed as pets. As such they require enclosures not small house bound habitats. An enclosure for a pair alone would measure 20'L x 15'W x 9'H minimum which is an outdoor enclosure with an indoor section in addition.
(without the above housing you would not normaly be granted a DWA licence).

They need heat, they are expensive to purchase, they are expensive to house, they are expensive to equip with the right environmental stimulation and environment. They are expensive to feed.

6] Capuchins are not a solitary animal; they are a social animal and as such require a partner or companion. [Fellow primate - not HUMAN]
as with all primates.

7] Responsible and genuine primate keepers are not motivated by finances alone and as such require buyers to be responsible in realising that primates are not purely reliant upon humans as companions, therefore capuchins need to be bought/kept in pairs.

8] These website boards are not regulated and as such the scammers/troublesome posters can place up as many advertisements as they want.

9] Capuchins do exist within private collections in the UK. But as said Responsible & Genuine keepers WILL NOT advertise on any website.

10] All primates are now classed as a highly political and sensitive species.
As such the constant demands that buyers place upon them encourage further scamming and opposition viewing.

11] Capuchins are not a 'starter primate'. If you are serious about keeping primates then look at a smaller species such as
Cotton Eared Marmosets or a Tamarin species that do not require a licence.

Research primates as a species properly and shake loose this notion you have of becoming surrogate parents to 'baby Capuchins!'

What is acceptable in the USA is not politically or morally acceptable in the UK in so far as primate keeping.

12] Finally, Capuchins are not an easy species to maintain, they can become extremely aggressive and violent. They do not make good house pets, irrelevant to which Hollywood blockbuster will try to convince you otherwise.

Please note: Scammers are becoming quite persistent in their advertising and are now offering Squirrel Monkeys.
To display and set the record straight - these are the current UK prices for this species:
Squirrel Monkeys can range in price from: Youngsters: £3000 - £4000 and a Pairs: could cost £6000 - £8000 per pair

The British seller rarely uses the term 'shipping with any mammals' it is normaly discribed as transport.

One cannot purchase an animal from abroad and have it delivered to their door the next day or within 48 hours.

Any animal from outside the EU, which is where the scammers are based -
must undergo six months quarantine in an official quarantine centre.
If anyone was looking to undergo the correct procedures for importing into the UK, there is a vast amount of paperwork and corresponding administration to complete first.

DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO SCAMMERS, FRAUDSTERS, and MONEY SPINNERS - Apply common sense, if in doubt, research first - look at the DEFRA website into importing mammals: Click on link below.

This advice is there for your benefit, it may prevent scammers taking your money, and give you an insight of your requirements by law.

This advice does not cover
Marmosets and some Tamarins, they do not come under this category for having to get a DWA license. as no licences are required for them.

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