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Feeding and mixing your Marmoset/Tamarins food For two Monkey's

Marmoset Jelly -Feeding way-1
There is two ways that you give can give your Marmosets the Jelly.
Mix 1 heap teaspoon of Jelly into a small cup and add hot water to make a paste put this paste onto a plastic flat dish such as the lid of your live food container, then flatten it out to the thickness of a biscuit and put it into the fridge for an hour.
Until it has set so you can now peel it of like a piece of rubber cut into small strips and feed.
We find ours do not like it this way. Do not throw the pieces away put it back and add hot water until dissolved.

Marmoset Jelly -Feeding way-2
This is how we feed it to all our Marmosets. Mix with hot water until it has completely dissolved into liquid pour the liquid on their porridge such as Quaker So Simple; you can purchase this from most food outlets, add hot water Not Milk and mix until sort of runny then let cool the porridge will thicken up. Do Not Use Milk only water (milk goes off after a day) in there porridge.
This can be left until it has all been eaten or take away put into fridge then microwave to heat to give back to them until it has all gone. Feed every other day for infants but you do not need to put jelly into the porridge every day, only twice\three times a week for adults.

Marmoset Gum feeding & mixing
1 Heap teaspoon to hot water to it looks like a batter mix. 1 teaspoon to half teaspoon of hot water, be careful not to add to much water as it will be to runny it should  be like syrup. You can put this in a small dish or put into holes in the branches in there closure, you can also feed it to them from a stick for them to lick it of whatever way is suitable for you and the Marmosets. This should be given 1 or 2 times a week

Marmoset\Tamarin Cake.

Make as if making a biscuit. Put onto plastic lid then into fridge, cut into small strips and feed. Keep what is not being used in cling film in the fridge to keep it soft. Do not keep longer than 7 days. Feed as and when you like.

Marmoset Pellets/Rings
You can feed both pellets and rings  as often as you like making up 20% of your marmosets diet. We mix both rings and pellets into a container with dried raisins /mixed fruit, mixed nuts, peanuts etc., sunflower seeds. We sometimes threaded some of the rings along a piece of wire or string for your Marmosets then having to chew them off, this will give them something to do.

Essential Vitamin D3 Supplement
This product is specially produced for Marmosets and other new world primates and is very beneficial for bone wasting syndrome, This comes in a liquid form with a glass dropper 100 ml bottle it is odourless and tasteless and is highly concentrated and it is put onto their food such as there fruit (Not in a drinker or any hot food) 2 drops twice a week and 2 drops every other day for small or juvenile monkeys this product is essential and very important that your marmoset gets Vitamin D3 to maintain and to keep it in perfect health.

Keep the Oily Vitamin D3 stored in a fridge after opening


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