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How to Avoid Internet Based Scams
This is a typical scammed advert being placed on an advertising website page
"Marmoset do not wear diapers Marmosets  do not get vaccinated, and I do not know of what papers they are referring to as vets do not give out health papers".

Please do not respond to "adopt a pet" adverts where you are asked to "send money for shipping" the pet from abroad or from a far away location, all these adsverts are scams.

If you are buying a pet, please view the pet before parting with any money, never buy from overseas, never send money by Western Union, it is like sending cash and can not be traced.

Please be aware that telephone numbers starting 0702-0704 and 0703 can be used to direct calls to an international number, if you dial a 0704 type number please take extra care, listen if it is a UK ringing tone, if there is an echo on the line then there is a good chance that you could be ringing a scammer abroad.

"Just Pay Shipping Scam" Do not respond to any adverts that offers free goods or pets and asks for you to pay just for the shipping, nearly always this is a scam.

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