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Drinking Bottles.

An excellent bottle for your Monkeys also for other small rodents, rabbits and furry friends! The recyclable and non-toxic, transparent bottle that come in two sizes and has a water capacity. Small 100ml,  Medium 300ml,  you will be able to monitor water or medicine consumption. It has a removable top cap allowing water to be topped up without removing the bottle from the bracket. Fixings include coupler and fixing groove with suckers for smooth surfaces and a plastic screw for fixing to wire cages. Can be fixed either inside or outside the cage. Quick and easily removed stainless steel valve for easy cleaning (a small spanner is provided). Colours may vary but unfortunately we are unable to give a choice.

Large Drinker Product Code: 84674073

Large Drinker Product Code: 84674073

CODE: 84676073
Small animal drinking bottle

Dimension: 10,5 x 9 x h 24 cm - 0,6 L
Sippy is a drinking bottle for small animals that can be fixed to wire net cage and to plastic ones thanks to the provided suction cups. It can easily be refilled by opening the top cover, with no need to remove it from the cage.

£ 8.00 Add

Medium Drinker Product Code: 84674072

Suitable for Guinea Pigs and Rats,
A drinker that does not drip. it has a removal plugger

9,5 x 8 x h 20 cm - 0,3 L

Item code: 84674070

£ 6.00 Add
Small DrinkerProduct Code: 84672071

Small DrinkerProduct Code: 84672071

Suitable for Marmosets Hamsters

£ 5.30 Add
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