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Woodstocks Product


Oily Vitamin D
3  Supplement

Description: Woodstocks Oily Vitamin D3 supplement is a clear to opalescent, yellowish oil which remains liquid at 0°C.It  consists of pure  cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) in oil; dl-a.-tocopherol (vitamin E) is added as an antioxidant.

Vitamin D3 content:  Minimum 12,000 International Units (IU) per ml. (300µg  cholecalciferol per ml)

Solubility:  Not soluble or miscible in water.

Stability: Vitamin D3 is sensitive to air, heat and water


Storage:  The vitamin contents of Marmosetdiets Oily Vitamin D3 Supplement are guaranteed for at least 6 months from the date of dispatch providing that the container is re-sealed after use and stored in a cool place. There is a slow loss of   potency beyond the 6 month storage period The oil should be stored in a refrigerator; this prolongs the effective shelf life of the vitamin D3.

Spillages: Soak up spills with absorbent material and wash area thoroughly with warm water containing a detergent. The oily supplement will not harm plastic surfaces but may be difficult to remove from wood.

First Aid: It feels greasy to the touch because of its oil content butit will  not harm skin. Remove any contaminated clothing for normal  washing; wash with soap and water any parts of the body which have  become  oily.If it splashes into eyes, irrigate with copious amounts of water.

Fire Hazards:  Oils are flammable liquids. If involved in a fire do not attempt to use water to extinguish. Smother with a fire blanket or use foam, carbon dioxide or other extinguishing  agents.

Biological Properties: Vitamin D3 is an essential nutritional factor that all animals require in small amounts for the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D deficiency leads to softening and malformation of bones  and other structures dependent on calcium(egg shells, for example). It is also essential for successful reproduction.Excessive intake can result in symptoms of hypervitaminosis such as  loss  of  appetite,  nausea , excessive and thirst and  urinary calculi. Hypervitaminosis  is fully reversible by  withdrawing  the excessive vitamin D supplies.

Pack sizes:100ml (92g net) and 250ml (230g net) plastic bottles

Directions for use:
The amount of vitamin D3 required by each animal depends on its species, age and size. As a rough rule of  thumb, every animal should receive a daily supply of  1/2 -1 International Unit of vitamin D3 for  every gram  bodyweight . Using the dropping pipette
supplied with each bottle of oily supplement (the rubber teat should be removed from the point of the and used as a squeezy bulb on the wide end of the glass tube) one drop contains approximately 300 IU vitamin D
3 which is the amount needed each day by a marmoset monkey or by a lizard weighing about 1 lb or 500 grams.

Several  days'  supply can be given in one dose since it is stored in the body until required. Having calculated the appropriate number of drops or the frequency for supplying a single drop, use the dropping pipette to place the drop(s) on the food, or on its nose or face so that it licks it off. A daily supplement is ideal; intervals longer than once in 2 weeks should be avoided.

Country of Origin:  Product manufactured in England using Vitamin D3 of French manufacture.

The oil used in the preparation of this  product is of superior blending  qualities and acceptability to monkeys and reptiles.The product has been tested for stability and shows good vitamin retention through the 6 months’shelf life.

Prices and Discounts:
The prices quoted on the printed order form shows  the cost of postage and packing.
There is an additinal charge made of £2.00 if you use the Paypal service, when ordering on-line, this is added automatically when you tick the paypal method of paying.. We are too small a company to be registered for VAT and have no facilities for credit card transactions. "Prices include post and packing". These prices are valid to April 2016. You can pay by your PayPal account if you prefer, through the website.   We cannot accept cards over the phone.
We will give a discount on orders of 5 or more units of any particular product and pack size. please phone for details.

Product Information
A product information sheet is despatched with each purchase.

Further details may be found on our website: www.woodstocksnutrition.co.uk
Every possible care has been taken in preparing this information.  However, users of this product must satisfy themselves of its suitability for their own particular purposes and ensure that they use appropriate amounts for the size and age of the animal(s) concerned, and keep their supplies under appropriate storage conditions for no longer than the date stated on the label.

For further information, contact:

Woodstocks Nutritions
10 Hyde Road
Bedfordshire LU1 4HE

Telephone:  07717012684

or e-mail us: info@woodstocksnutrition.co.uk

Last modified: 4/04/2018.

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