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Woodstocks Product

Vitamin D 3 with Vitamin E Supplement

Description:  Woodstocks Vitamin D3 + Vitamin E Powder Supplement is a fine, white, water-soluble powder with some yellowish or brownish specks.  It contains 500 International Units of Vitamin D3 together with 10 mg of Vitamin E (as the acetate) in a dextrose (sugar) carrier.

Potency:   Minimum content: 500 IU Vitamin D3 (12.5 µg Cholecalciferol) and 10 mg (International Units) Vitamin E (10mg dl-a--Tocopheryl Acetate) per gram.

Soluble in water

Both vitamins are sensitive to moisture and alkalis.  Additionally vitamin D3 is sensitive to air (oxygen) and heat - all conditions having an additive effect.

The vitamin contents are guaranteed for a minimum of six months from the date of despatch providing the container is re-sealed after use and stored in a dry, cool place, preferably a refrigerator (it must not be frozen).  There is a slow loss of potency of each vitamin beyond the six month storage period of 10 - 50 IU vitamin D3 and about 0.1 IU vitamin E per month.  The carrier is slightly hygroscopic and may cake if moisture is allowed to enter the container; this will accelerate the loss of vitamin potency.

Sweep up spilled powder and dispose with domestic rubbish, or rinse with plenty of water to drain.  The vitamins and the sugar carrier are fully degradable.

First Aid:  
The powder has no effect on skin but if any dust enters the eyes it may cause them to water. Brush any spilled powder off clothes and wash any exposed skin with soap and water. If inadvertently blown into eyes, irrigate with plenty of water.

Fire hazards:  
Vitamin D3 with Vitamin E Supplement is a combustible powder.  If involved in a fire, use any convenient extinguishing agent or smother with a fire blanket.

Vitamins are essential nutritional factors required by all animals in small amounts. Vitamin D3 is required for the efficient absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus.  Vitamin D deficiency leads to softening, brittleness or malformation of the bones. In young animals this results in rickets; in older animals it leads to osteoporosis.  Other conditions include cage paralysis in marmoset monkeys, soft-shelled eggs in poultry and poor reproduction in reptiles.

Vitamin E is a tissue antioxidant that is particularly concerned with the fight against excessive amounts of free radicals.  It helps to maintain good muscle tone (particularly heart and lung muscles), and also helps prevent the breakdown of small blood capillaries (capillary fragility). In addition it is important in immunity and disease resistance mechanisms and helps in the metabolism of dietary fats. A deficiency can result in frequent bruising and bleeding, muscle weakness, lack of resistance to disease (particularly respiratory problems), heart failure and a failure to breed satisfactorily.

Vitamin excesses should be avoided. Excessive intake of vitamin D3 can cause loss of appetite, nausea, excessive thirst and urinary calculi. Huge excesses of vitamin E can restrict growth and lead to headaches and nausea.  All these problems are fully reversible by stopping the supply of excessive amounts of the vitamin.

Pack sizes:   
100 grams, 250 grams and 1kg in plastic tubs.

One level 2 ml scoopful (as supplied) contains approximately 1.7 grams of powder supplement with about 850 IU vitamin D3 and 17 mg vitamin E (as the acetate).  The normal supply for an adult marmoset monkey is one scoopful twice each week while a small or juvenile monkey requires one scoopful a week. The supply for a reptile should be calculated on a daily or weekly basis using the scoop as a measure.  Further details will be found on the information sheet: “Vitamin D Supplements” or on our website.

Country of  Origin:
Product manufactured in England using spray-dried vitamins of Swiss origin.

NOTE: The oil used in the preparation of this  product is of its superior blending  qualities and acceptability to monkeys and reptiles.The product has been tested for stability and shows good vitamin retention through the 6 months’shelf life.

Prices and Discounts:
The prices quoted on the printed order form shows  the cost of postage and packing.
There is an additinal charge made of £2.00 if you use the Paypal service, when ordering on-line, this is added automatically when you tick the paypal method of paying.. We are too small a company to be registered for VAT and have no facilities for credit card transactions. "Prices include post and packing". These prices are valid to April 2016. You can pay by your PayPal account if you prefer, through the website.   We cannot accept cards over the phone.
We will give a discount on orders of 5 or more units of any particular product and pack size. please phone for details.

Further details may be found on our website: www.woodstocksnutrition.co.uk
Every possible care has been taken in preparing this information.  However, users of this product must satisfy themselves of its suitability for their own particular purposes and ensure that they use appropriate amounts for the size and age of the animal(s) concerned, and keep their supplies under appropriate storage conditions for no longer than the date stated on the label.

For further information, contact:

Woodstocks Nutritions
10 Hyde Road
Bedfordshire LU1 4HE

Telephone:  07717012684

or e-mail us: info@woodstocksnutrition.co.uk

Revised April 2018

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