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Woodstocks Product

Powder Vitamin D3  Supplement

Vitamin D Products
Woodstocks Vitamin D3 Powder Supplement  containing 500 International Units of Vitamin  D3  per
. It contains spray dried cholecalciferol (vitamin  D3)  on a sugar carrier. It is soluble in water. 100g,
or 250g tubs.

Woodstocks Vitamin D3 Concentrate  containing 5,000 International Units of Vitamin  D3  per gram, on
a su
gar carrier. This product must be mixed with 9 times its weight of sugar before use; it is too
concentrated to be used directly on for animal feeding
. The pack sizes are the same as for the powder
supplement above

Woodstocks Oily Vitamin D3 Supplement  containing 12,000 International Units of Vitamin  D3  per ml,
mixed into sunf
lower oil. It is not soluble or miscible with water. '100 ml or 250 ml plastic bottles.

Vitamin E Products
Wood stocks Vitamin E Powder Supplement  containing  6  mg Vitamin  E  (as the acetate) per gram on a
sugar ca
rrier. This is equivalent to 6 International Units of vitamin E per gram; this Unit has been
superseded by the Tocopherol Equivalent unit (TE) as a measure of vitamin E content
. This product
contains 4 mg TE per gram. 100g or 250g tubs

Woodstocks Oily Vita
min E Supplement  (available on special request only) containing 100 mg vitamin
E (as the acetate) per ml mixed into sunf
lower oil. This equates to 100 IU/ml, or 67 mg TE/ml. One drop
lies 2Y:z IU or just over 1 Y:z mg TE. 100 or 250ml plastic bottles

Combined Vitamin D and Vitamin E Products
Woodstocks Vitamin D3 + E
Powder Supplement  contains 5OO IU vitamin  D3  and 10 mg vitamin E (as
the acetate) per gram; the equivalent vitamin E units are 10 International Units or 6.7 mg TE
. They are
mixed with a sugar carrier so are soluble in water
. pack size 100g or 250g tubs.

Woodstocks Vitamin D3 + E Concentrate contains 5,000 IU vitamin  D3  and 100 mg vitamin E per
gram; it should be mixed with 9 times its weight of sugar before use. 100 or 250g tubs.

Other strengths and combinations
Because Woodstocks is a small company with its customers' interest at heart, other strengths and/or
combinations of these vitamins can be prepared to special order. We need seven day's notice of any
non-standard formulation requirements.

Storage and Shelf Life
All these vitamin products have a guaranteed shelf life of 6 months from the date of despatch providing
they are resealed immediately after use and stored appropriately. We recommend storage in a domestic
refrigerator at about 5oC; They should not be put into the freezing compartment or a deep freeze
The oil used in the preparation of this  product is of superior blending  qualities and acceptability to monkeys and reptiles.The product has been tested for stability and shows good vitamin retention through the 6 months’shelf life.

Prices and Discounts:
The prices quoted on the printed order form shows  the cost of postage and packing.
There is an additinal charge made of £2.00 if you use the Paypal service, when ordering on-line, this is added automatically when you tick the paypal method of paying.. We are too small a company to be registered for VAT and have no facilities for credit card transactions. "Prices include post and packing". These prices are valid to April 2016. You can pay by your PayPal account if you prefer, through the website.   We cannot accept cards over the phone.
We will give a discount on orders of 5 or more units of any particular product and pack size. please phone for details.

Product Information
A product information sheet is despatched with each purchase.

Further details may be found on our website: www.woodstocksnutrition.co.uk
Every possible care has been taken in preparing this information.  However, users of this product must satisfy themselves of its suitability for their own particular purposes and ensure that they use appropriate amounts for the size and age of the animal(s) concerned, and keep their supplies under appropriate storage conditions for no longer than the date stated on the label.

For further information, contact:

Woodstocks Nutritions
10 Hyde Road
Bedfordshire LU1 4HE

Telephone:  07717012684

or e-mail us: info@woodstocksnutrition.co.uk

Last modified: 4/04/2018

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