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Pygmy marmosets eat sap and gum from trees, which are located within their territories. They use their claws to drill a hole into the tree. The pygmy marmosets wait for the sap to ooze out of the hole they created. They immediately suck the sap form the hole. Sap is the most important food in their diet, without it they would not survive in the wild. Pygmy marmosets are gumnivors. Pygmy marmosets also eat spiders, butterflies, frogs, lizards, snails, small, juicy buds, flowers and grasshoppers. Grasshoppers are pygmy marmosets' favorite food. To catch one a pygmy marmoset may even venture down to the ground. Something they rarely do. When catching butterflies, the pygmies go and eat sap. The sap attracts the butterflies, which are then easy to catch.

Pygmy marmosets will drink fresh water all the time. To do that they find water in or on leaves or flowers. The most important vitamin for the
pygmy marmosets to get is A/D3. They get that from the sun or the plants that they eat. When fed in captivity,  eat peas, cauliflower, baby cereal, boiled eggs, yogurt, meat, fish and rice. The three to four trees that they eat sap off of in their territory can last one month to a few years. When they get to eat fruits, it is a treat. Fruit is not an important part of their diet, so eating it is just like humans eating ice cream. The reason why fruit is not an important part of their diet is because it doesn't contain any A/D3

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