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From: Janet Kiernan Sunday 28th March 2016 Message Subject: "My comments "
Hi Patrick and Christine i have purchased two monkeys of you Casper and daisy when i first decided to look for a monkey nearly 5 years ago i didn't realize how hard it was and how many scam's there are. I found a site called and looked on it at first i thought it was to good to be true but after i spoke to Patrick i was more than happy with what he was telling me so i bought my first monkey of him then two years later i bought another monkey and they love each other now another two years later i have decided to buy another female of them again i would recommend this site to anyone. I'm looking forward to meeting Patrick and Christine again xx thankyou for everything xx Janet

From: Barry and Christine Tuesday 3rd November 2015 Message Subject: "Thank You"
Thank you Patrick and Christine for making us very welcome and for the help and advice given. We are very happy with our new baby girl Jordan who we brought from you last week she has maid a fantastic start with our little troop and has become very loved by both us and our adult male Alfie who proudly walks around our home with her on his back he has adopted her as his own daughter! And totally protects her. She also gets on and plays with our baby boy Fluff who will one day be paired with her in their own enclosure but for now they all and our Adult female Cilia are a very happy little troop. Once again thank you very much for every thing and for being so helpful and friendly. We will defiantly be in touch again soon for some more of your food and supplement products. Kind Regards Barry and Christine Alfie Cilla Fluff & (Jordan)

From: Darryl Block Sunday 15th August 2015  Message Subject: Baby "Marmoset"

I would just like to say a massive thank you for the baby Marmoset (Diego) you sold us. Having bought our previous babies from a commercial breeder, we were absolutely amazed with just how tame and "socialised" he was. What took weeks of patience and perseverance, to say nothing of the pain of bitten fingers, with our previous babies took only a couple of days with Diego. Once he had settled into his new home and acquainted with his new mate, it was as if he had always been there. He was so calm and laid back, we couldn't believe it really. It's so obvious that your monkeys have regular and close human contact, rather than just being bred for profit. Once again, many thanks.

From: Darryl Block Sunday 12th July 2015  Message Subject: Baby "Diego"
Introduction to his new mate Tia went really well, she was grooming him within minutes of the introduction. No aggression, she welcomed him straight away, really pleased, he really is a gorgeous little monkey, thank you.

From: Lisa-Marie Bearman  Tuesday  16th June 2015  : Second Baby
We have had our baby Leo now for almost 2 weeks, he has settled in beautifully with our number one boy blu who is now 8 months old. They are getting on beautifully. Playing, grooming and sharing food and all the toys and especially blu's Ellie the elephant. We are all so happy with our new member. Our babies give us so much joy, and I am so lucky to be working from home, means I don't miss anything. Thank you, Patrick and Christine. May see you again!!! Lisa-Marie and family   

From: Lisa-Marie Bearman  
Wednesday  26th May 2015
Hello all, Here we come again making the trip up to visit Patrick and Christine. We are collecting our number two baby boy and bringing him home to meet the family and especially our little boy blu who is now 7 months old and who is looking forward to his mate coming to live with him. We can't wait to share our home and garden space with two marmoset monkys. Lisa-Marie and Matt  

.: Dee and Tara Cosford ( Saturday  25th April 2015)
Our babies, We have just acquired two beautiful babies from Patrick and Christine. We actually arrived home with them yesterday and they were put straight into the enclosure and left to settle. Within a half hour they were peeking out and generally being nosy as to who we were. Today they have started coming over and have allowed us to stroke them for a short while. Patrick gave us a lot of valuable information on feeding and care and its great to know that if we do encounter any problems we have his knowledge to fall back on. If you are thinking of getting Marmosets then this is the place to be...friendly and helpful people and beautiful healthy babies.

From: Lisa-Marie Bearman  (Friday 2nd January 2015 A follow up on our previous comments)
Hi, we collected our baby boy on the 29th dec, we were able to bring him home a few days earlier than original plan. We have had the best 4 days with him And he is already exploring our home, eating from our hands and jumping on and off us and being carried around our home. He is so beautiful and funny. Settling in really well. So glad we have him. Lovely to meet Patrick and Christine and to see the adult parents/ aunty. Thank you. Lisa- Marie and Matt.

Lisa-Marie Bearman (Sunday 21st December 2014)
Our journey so far to buying a marmoset baby
My partner and I had been discussing the idea of having a marmoset monkey so we got to work and started to gather research. We found some information but then found the website of Patrick and Christine and wow what a great read. I spoke with Patrick in length and he was so very helpful with all the dietary needs/suitable home. I am very excited to say that we will be collecting our baby on the 2 January 2015.  I will update on our journey soon. Please please to anybody reading this who interested in having a marmoset speak to Patrick and Christine first.  Thank you,  Lisa-Marie.

From: Paul Sealy
Well for starters if Patrick  or Christine  don't know something about marmosets then it's not worth knowing and they are down to earth people with a lot of knowledge and they sure will help out if they can, definitely will be keeping contacted so unlucky you 2 as I am not going no where  lol Make sure you get your food from them and also your monkey and stick to what they tell you to have a healthy monkey, many thanks Paul Sealy

From: Sean Taya and Gizzy
Our marmoset is just over a year old now and needing someone to play with while we are at work, I contacted Patrick and Christine when the time was right as I said i would and I’m very happy to say that we will have our new member about mid February , I’m so glad and very proud, at how shocked Patrick and Christine were at how tame our Gizzy is, she comes everywhere with us and is rarely on her leash I hope our new little guy takes after her time will tell, again thanks so much guys and we will see you soon.

From: "
Carlie Whitaker"(Tuesday 24th September 2013)  We made initial enquiries with Marmoset Diets about pygmy marmosets that they may have had for sale, being complete novices Patricks advice was second to none, it is obvious that Patrick has a great care and compassion for the little critters and really knows his stuff, his advice was invaluable, Patrick was available for extended periods of time on the phone to answer all of my questions (and I had many) and we would highly recommend Marmoset Diets to anybody – once again, thank you for all of your help and support.

From: "
Kenneth Mclean" (Tuesday 7th August 2013)    I would just like to say thank you for your advice on seeking a vetenary doctor thats has a very good understanding of marmosets.  I would also like to say that you made us feel that nothing was to much trouble and that you were there to help us.  Thanks to your advice Giz is up running around with the rest of his family.  I know how busy you and your wife must be looking after your own marmosets, so it says a great deal about the type of people you are that you can also take the time out to help others.  Thank You both so very much- Kenneth & Maxine.

From: "Janet kiernan"  (Friday 8th February 2013) I brought a Marmoset from you in January which is a boy and he has settled in lovely, he would not eat at first. He has a cheeky personalty always pulling the kids hair.  I am very greatful thank you very much Patrick and Christine.
From "
Sean and Taya" (Wednesday 6th February 2013 at 18:10)
Me and my partner Sean had both been looking for a Marmoset Monkey for quite some time, after months of planning we will be picking up our monkey on Friday 8th Feb. Patrick and Christine have been absolutely brilliant in helping us get everything ready for our Marmoset to come home, and after weeks of organising, we have now got a great home for our Marmoset. We couldn’t have done it without Patrick and Christine. Thank you!

From: "Sandra Devall" (Sat 7th January 2012 at 07:56)

I would just like 2 share my story with you all. me and my husband have always wanted marmoset monkeys after nearly being scammed 3 times. I found Patrick and Christine, what a nice couple they told me all I needed to know so I got 2 marmosets that was last June.
I have also got from them a breeding pair of pigmy marmosets oh my god they are tiny. Patrick said she may be pregnant she was and gave birth and had 1,at first there was few hi cups being new mum panic panic, I rang Patrick, he told me what 2 do it was me that was worrying those people as they are so great always there on the end of the phone 2 help you, any way baby and mum are doing fine dad do all the carrying mum do all the feeding. What a partnership they have. I will end my little story by saying thank you Patrick and Christine for all your help and kindness I would advise any 1 that would like a marmoset and a novice like me. You must go 2 them regards Sandra Devall x

From: Adam (Tue 5th Oct 2010 at 19:03)
I would like to thank Marmosets Diets again. My adorable female marmoset went into labour sunday night and at 7 am in the morning still no sign of babies. I called Patrick and he was extremly helpfull and advised me to rush her straight to the vets. I did just that and after a operation. She is now doing extremly well. Sadly the baby she was carrying didnt survive but I could of lost my female had I not rushed her in. Thank you Marmoset Diets.. Adam  

From: Margaret McCallum (Mon 12th Jul 2010 at 13:37)
My partner and I now have two delightful young marmosets (Bob and Daisy) thanks to Christine and Patrick. We could not have wished for better hospitality when we went to collect them and their expertise on the subject was so much appreciated. We will remain in close contact with them and would thoroughly recommend to anyone interested in these fabulous creatures.  

From: John Stanley (Thu 1st Jul 2010 at 13:22)
Thanks to the chap at marmoset diets, sorry, dont know your name. You were very helpful on the telephone with regards to looking after marmosets. The huge cage you sent down is brilliant, the marmosets love it, they running around like mad and look really excited. Thanks again,... John

From: carol (Fri 23rd Apr 2010 at 21:58)
Great people to talk to they know everything about these pimates and they never seem to mind you asking them anything its a real plesure to read this website its got everything you need to know I found it very hard to source out where to buy the correct diet and these guys are great many thanks good luck with your project... Carol

From: lee oldcorn (Sat 6th Feb 2010 at 16:26)
This is a very informative site if you have any questions they will be answerd honstly. Will recomend to anyone who needs information on primates.Thanks again for all your help....Lee.  

From: keith McLauchlin (Mon 11th Jan 2010 at 15:14)  
thanks for your advice and clarification on marmosets as pets, a pastime I cant wait to be involved in,
best of luck with all endeavours ......Keith  

From: Loretta Robinson (Mon 14th Dec 2009 at 13:50)  
I think you are very genuine and your website has helped me a great deal with my monkeys,your advice has also helped me greatly,will keep intouch over the coming months on the progress of my pregnant monkey.thankyou so much.... Lorette

From: Amanda Hanmore (Sat 5th Dec 2009 at 13:04)  
Many thanks Christine for calling me within minutes of me emailing you which i really appreciated.It was great to be able to speak to someone who gave me some brilliant idears and great advice, Also your website is brilliant!!i will let you no how i get on with moving the boys,again many thanks,
From: Frank Greig (Fri 23rd Oct 2009 at 07:32)  
We have been looking for a marmoset for a little while and after speaking to Christine we now know what is required from us to give a marmoset a good home, and how to care for one properly. I found the information from Christine very useful and as a person very easy to deal with. It's very encouraging that with so many scams going around that this kind of support is available. Hopefully we will have our first marmosets by the end of the year thanks to Christine
From: ANGEL (Mon 12th Oct 2009 at 07:33)  
alsome site im a new mar mommie and it gave me lots of great info thank you
From: Barry Fitzgerald (Wed 30th Sep 2009 at 18:50)  
Me and my partner have been looking for a monkey for sometime now and all we have come a cross is the camaron SCAMERS so it was such a relief to talk to some one that wasnt out to scame people and after speaking to her we will defanatly be getting back in touch with Christen to purchase a monkey I strongly urge anyone who is thinking about getting a monkey to get in touch.REALY NICE PERSON WITH A LOT OF SOUND ADVICE cant wait to get my baby monkey. thanks for every thing.
From: Jules (Wed 23rd Sep 2009 at 11:22)  
I have just spoken to a Christine at Marmosetdiets, with reguards to purchasing a marmoset/capuchin monkey.
after talking with her for quite a while I realised I was approching this all wrong.
all the adverts that I had seen before were most likely to have been scams, this lady knows what she is talking about,I must urge ANYONE who is looking for a monkey of any kind as a pet to contact her first, (she doesnt bite) and is very willing to give her EXPERT advice.  PLEASE ,PLEASE talk to this lady first!
From: Irina (Sat 13th Jun 2009 at 16:12)  
Great site! I was looking through all the internet, but it is the best that I found!  
From: Adam (Mon 8th Jun 2009 at 10:47)  
I have enjoyed reading this website very much. It is extremly educational and a must read for people interested in getting a primate.
From: Regina (Mon 25th May 2009 at 20:01)  
This website is great and gives very good information about primates. and Christine are very friendly people and very helpful to everyone who keep monkey. I will be recommend this site to everyone in Poland.Thanks very much

From: Lisa Hill (Wed 15th Apr 2009 at 13:09)  
I would like to thank Christine for all her help and giving me great advice for looking after my little girl tinky. This site is great and really informative and gives advice for looking after monkeys. Its great to know that their is someone on the the other end of the phone to help. I would recommend this site to everyone. Many thanks...Lisa
From: Mark (Mon 13th Apr 2009 at 15:13)  
With all the scammers out there it was really good to talk with someone genuine on the phone who knows everything there is to know about these wonderful animals,  Highly recommend a phone call to ther, & look forward to going to view the Marmosets shortly.
From: Carol whitehouse (Tue 31st Mar 2009 at 13:27)  
I would like to say thanks for the brilliant help I had I am new at marmosets but talking to the lady and the information I received was so helpful I am just so glad there is some one who took the time to help me so thanks for all the information I had and the time you spent telling me on the phone you are very polite so I hope I ok thanks again... Caroline.
From: Dan Baker (Mon 23rd Feb 2009 at 15:06)  
I was feeling a little lost going through the information required on keeping primates. Christine took time explaining all the intricacies in simple terms, was obviously passionate about caring for marmosets. The information was extremely valuable and I never felt pressured to rush any decision. Thanks again.
From: Brian & Lynne (Sat 21st Feb 2009 at 18:31)  
We would just like to say how very helpfull these people are. They no there stuff on marmosets and I would like to recomend them for advice and help.
We will keep in touch with them,all is going well.
Big thanks to you....Brian & Lynne
From: Jeff (Fri 6th Feb 2009 at 14:13)  
I would like to let everyone Know that this woman was very helpful, she called me within minutes of me sending a email which I really appreciatted. she was both very friendly and very helpful-I cannot thank her enough for pointing the things out which she did. I would really like to keep in touch.
very helpful and very freindly thank you....Jeff  
From: Christine b (Sat 24th Jan 2009 at 17:24)  
This website is the best site to visit if you need information regarding your monkeys. very helpful  who know so much when it comes to there monkeys. excellent!!!
From: Michelle aston (Sat 27th Dec 2008 at 15:58)  
Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a small monkey, your information is fantasic and has given me a lot to think about. Very helpfull.
From: Jayne parker (Tue 16th Dec 2008 at 15:10)  
very nice people allways ready to give advice  
From: Louisa Talbot (Fri 4th Jul 2008 at 15:39)  
This is a great site,and they supply dietry needs also,fantastic,I use their products,they are very good and at a fair price.I have supplied the information to the new owners of my tamarins,its great alot better than I could put together myself.
From: Ladonna Patrick (Mon 30th Jun 2008 at 14:11)  
I plan to let everyone of my primate owner friends know about your website and your marmoset diet products. The articles are very informative and Christine has been very helpful with health questions and diet regarding the marmosets. I am thankful that htere are people out there who care about the welfare of these little primates . Thanks again!
From: Kirk Murray (Tue 10th Jun 2008 at 10:18)  
I think the website is great and covers all dietry information needed, I have had dealings with Christine and find her to be a great help and her knowledge of primates is amazing.

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