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Hi All,
This is an update on our Squirrel Monkeys. If you cast your mind back to 2012/2013 when we sent out many emails and approached a number of organisations to obtain some squirrel monkeys to start a breeding program.
We noticed there were very little available and those that were available were far too old or in very poor condition for us to consider. We had many squirrel monkeys back in the in the early 1980s but decided to part with them when we moved.
Then in 2014 we managed to purchased a young male Squirrel Monkey (that is now named Bobby) we had to keep him in inside with us as there were none others to put him out side to be with.
After another long search we managed to get a female suitable to pair him with and outside they went into a heated housing with aviary. Their aviary was made of wood so we decided to purchase a much bigger aviary made of steel and aluminium. This has now been installed as you can see from some photo and video clips of Bobby and his mate Eva.
We are still looking for a couple of young female squirrel monkeys to put in with Bobby to increase out breeding group. The one problem I have with Bobby he loves to be with me and puts his hand through the bars wanting to hold my hand asking to come out and travel around on my shoulder. he is now 2 years of age and still acts as he did when we got him, I now must try to spend less time with him, (This is very hard for me to do) to get him to not want to be with me. There will be further updates on our squirrel monkeys posted in the future.
(We are still looking for further young female squirrel monkeys to add to this breeding
program to make up a larger group)

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