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Important message to those who are looking to purchase a monkey
If you are think abou buying a monkey, before you do so see below how we are going to show
you how you are being ripped off with bogus adverts,

These screen shots of different advertisements, have one thing in common, they all have this same mobile number 07054667258 for you to ring, but he gives different locations on each of his adverts,
You may say what’s wrong with this; well I tell you, I suspect they could be high premium call numbers that could cost you a lot of money. What I suspect is happening his this John Tom Dick or Harry, or whatever name he is going to use today does.

 He puts out his adverts on these free adverts websites selling Birds, Dogs, Cats and Monkeys,well about just anything

When you ring He  then sometimes says they are sold, I have tried this same number asking about each of the adverts below , and it is a foreigner who seems to be in another country who answers this number, I suspect  he is coining it in with all these adverts going to him.
NEVER SEND THIS GUY or ANYONE ELSE MONEY,  If you dont want your own  money, and want to give it away, "You could always send it to me"

I have placed a number of calls as I have mentioned  to each of the same  numbers below, and on asnswering this guy say sorry sold or goes silent on you thus making you wait until you hang up and try again.

It does not take the brains of Britain to see what He is up to. Don’t just take my word for it look at some of the current adverts that I have pasted below, and notice
they all have the same mobile telephone number. but with different locations.You have been advised to be careful when looking for any kind of pet or advertisement as you do not know who you are dealing with.

Regards Patrick and Christine


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